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Icon Amore
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Moderators: fayte and sandpapertouch.


-pessimistchick! and her icon site.
-sanitysloss! visit her icon journal, xd_inc.
-joykinz! visit her icon journal, fallingpoodles and her website falling-poodles.com.
-emoqueen visit her icon journal stapleme.

these girls are our new favorite people in the world, as well as our right...arms? <3 be nice to them and keep them busy!


1. NO STEALING. if you use an icon from our community, whether it be ours or someone else's, CREDIT THEM. grr. credit IS NOT required for bases. here is the [howto] on how to credit in the keywords so there is no excuse not to.
2. comment if taking, we like to know where they are going. ;)
3. we will not alter other people's icons for you, unless you have permission from the original maker. that goes for ours, too. DO NOT ALTER OUR ICONS.
4. play nice or you will be banned.
5. criticism is welcome, but don't be rude.
6. if you do request, we don't require a form. but please, PLEASE be very specific and clear about what you want. (this excludes this: plz make me a icon. i want a pink one with a bunny. thanks!) we really don't like having to remake icons over and over because you didn't know what you wanted in the first place. :)
7. there is no request limit at this time. but we have lives...kinda...and there is no way we can make 18 icons a week for each of you. even if we'd like to. :p
8. if you ask us to make an icon, at least use it. we're not really into wasting time.
9. DO NOT HOTLINK! upload them to your own server. or we'll kick you in the shin.
10. if you're posting more than 3 icons, please use an lj cut. here's the [howto], in case you don't know how.
11. if you post anything off topic...well, that makes us angry. spamming our community will get your post deleted AND you banned. stick to the icons, people.

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-if you're interested in becoming a sister community, please contact fayte or sandpapertouch.

we screen our posts for this reason: we have seen a lot of foolishness happening in other communities and we'd like to have some control over what happens in ours. there is very little chance we will not let you post. :)

you said you want to link to icon_amore? suuuuure you do! so here's some nifty banners to do so. ;)